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The Benefits of Having a Garden Building as a Home Gym

Mar 23, 2020 | Helpful Guides | 0 comments

Do you enjoy exercising, but find it difficult with your busy schedule? Or perhaps you have time to exercise, but don’t enjoy working out in a crowded gym? Well, we have another option that may be a better fit for your exercising needs. Have you thought about building a home gym in your garden?

We thought that would catch you up a little bit! If you have a garden space, why not consider building a home gym? This is an idea that’s becoming more popular. The reason for the growing popularity of a home garden gym is that you have your own space to work out, you can exercise whenever you want and more.

Now we’ve put the idea in your mind, let’s explore some of the benefits of having your own garden gym.

1). More privacy: for some people, it can be difficult to work out in front of others. This can be the case if you don’t feel as fit as others in the gym. In addition, it can be embarrassing if you don’t know how to use the exercise equipment correctly. All of this causes anxious feelings; you know it’s healthy to stay fit, but it’s just not comfortable working out in a place that’s filled with so many others who know what they’re doing.

Having your own home garden gym, you won’t have to feel anxious anymore. Workout in privacy, learn how to use the equipment at your own pace, and exercise when you want. Your home garden gym will be ready and waiting 24/7, unless you have to share it with family! In that case, you may need to have a schedule for when each person wants to exercise. Otherwise, your home gym will be there for you, providing the comfort and privacy you need to work out.

2). Workouts can last longer: with a gym membership, you’re stuck using the facilities during their open hours. Then you have to finish your work out by the time they close. What if you get there a little late, and can’t finish your work out? That’s a real downer.

On the other hand, a home garden gym is there ready for you any time of the day or night. If you wake up early and feel like getting in a little exercise before heading off to work, you can do it. No worries of conforming your schedule to a commercial gym. And if you feel like having a longer exercise period into the evening or late at night, no problem! Your gym is ready to accommodate your schedule every time!

3). No crowding: at a commercial gym, it can be difficult to get in and work out on the machines you need or want. Sometimes you may have to wait in a long queue for your favourite equipment. And other times there are just too many people. Working out in a crowded space can be difficult and unpleasant.

With your own home garden gym, you won’t have to deal with any of these issues. The only crowding problem may be working around your family, but that’s easily solved with a schedule. Otherwise, your space is ready for you, with no crowding. It’s easy to buy your favourite gym equipment and work out when you want to, for as long as you want. You’ll have no more pressure to hurry up and finish. Your garden gym will be more accommodating than a commercial gym.



4). No monthly membership: if you’d like to work out at a commercial gym, then you’ll have to pay a monthly or annual membership. These memberships can be quite expensive, and come with many terms and conditions.

A garden gym, however, will be a more cost-effect choice, even taking into consideration the construction costs. Not only will you have a beautiful space to work out, but a home garden gym can also add value to your home.

5). Fill your garden gym with equipment you enjoy: with a commercial gym, you’re stuck working out on their equipment. They may not even have your favourite machine(s). In addition, think about your membership fee—you’re paying for equipment you don’t even want to use.

A home garden gym, though, offers you the ability to fill it with the machines and equipment you want and prefer. You choose exactly what goes into your home gym. You’ll have more fun and enjoyment exercising on equipment you prefer.

Your home gym can be built to accommodate weights, cardio, yoga, Pilates, aerobics and more. No matter the equipment needed, your customised garden gym can include whatever exercise equipment you need.

6). Perspire in comfort: with a commercial gym, you have to work out in a space that may not be set at a comfortable temperature. Maybe the spaces are hotter or cooler than you like. With a home garden gym, you’ll have control over the climate—both heating and cooling.

7). Security: you may worry that a garden gym can’t be very secure; however, we’re here to tell you that’s just not the case. We understand your concerns. Gym equipment isn’t cheap, and you’ll want to protect your investment. We can add security options to keep you and your equipment safe at all times. This may include adding blinds, multi-point locks and more. We’ll do what it takes to keep your investment safe.

8). Garden gym to fit your garden & home: there’s no need to worry that a garden gym will be a wart sitting in your back yard. Why? Because the home garden gym can be built to fit your garden space and designed to compliment your home’s architecture. You’ll have a beautiful place to exercise, which won’t take up your entire garden. And it won’t look like a “wart” that’s just been set down with no thought or care for design.

With all these benefits, what’s stopping you from adding a home gym to your garden? If you’re interested in a home garden gym, give us a call—we’re looking forward to talking with you!

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