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10 Facts about Garden Rooms—What You Need to Know

Jun 24, 2020 | Helpful Guides | 0 comments

A garden room offers a wonderful space that can used in various ways. Not only that, but garden rooms also increase the value of your property! What could be better? There is more!

What better place to go and get away from it all, then in your garden room? It’s a beautiful building that’s a part of your home but separated. It’s placed in the garden, making this a great way to get in touch with nature, as you go to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Who Needs a Garden Room?

Who needs a garden room? Just about anyone can benefit from a garden room! Are you thirty-something and long to work from home? Then a garden room office could be just the thing for you. Or are you a wife and mother who needs a place for privacy and relaxation? The garden room is a great option!

Everyone—from young parents to seniors—can use a garden room. These home additions are versatile and lend themselves to many different uses.

If you’re considering the addition of a garden room to your property, there are some facts you need to know about garden rooms first.

10 Facts about Garden Rooms

When it comes to designing a garden room for your home, there are facts you should keep in mind.

1). Planning permissions may be required: not every garden room needs planning permission; however, the rules and requirements do vary by location, the size and type of structure, and more. In general, a garden room that’s 2.5 m high, max, doesn’t require planning permission. This means the garden room would have a maximum roof height of 4m, which includes a dual pitched roof.

2). A blend of outdoor and indoor: when you’re planning the garden room of your dreams, remember that it should be a lovely blend of both indoors and outdoors. Matching the style of your garden room to the garden’s landscape is desirable. This way, you can enjoy all the beautiful nature of the garden, while also enjoying the indoors of the new room. And remember that the garden room should also match your home’s architecture to some degree. When it comes to features and designs, do go for comfort, but make sure the design adds beauty to both your home and garden.

3). Power sources: when it comes to adding power to a garden room, you may need to hire an electrician to come and do the job. They will install the number of sockets you need, along with lighting, data cables and more. There are some types of garden rooms that come pre-wired with lights and sockets. However, if you hire a contract to create a bespoke garden room, then you’ll want to ensure the electrical wiring is done by a professional.

4). Plumbing: would you like plumbing added to the garden room? This would be a great addition if you’re planning to include a bathroom and shower or build a sauna in the garden. Also consider that most garden rooms are used for more than one purpose, so adding plumbing to the building makes it easy to add a bathroom, build a kitchenette and more. Here, again, you’ll want to hire a plumbing professional to install the plumbing system, in order to meet all building regulations.

5). Insulation: if you’re planning on using the garden room year-round, then you’ll need to make sure the building is properly insulated. This means the roof, floor and walls all need to be well insulated, in order to maintain a comfortable temperature. You’ll have lower heating and cooling bills, and the garden room will be a comfortable place to relax any time of the year.

6). Environmental controls & comfort: you’ll definitely need a cooling and heating system to keep the garden room comfortable and usable all year round. Underfloor heating systems are a popular choice when it comes to heating solutions. Here, again, you’ll want to opt for a professional to install environmental controls.

7). Privacy and more space: garden rooms are a great choice when you need privacy and additional space. Many people use these spaces as a getaway when they need to relax. The rooms provide a private, quiet space in which to recover after a busy day at work. In addition, the garden room can be used for entertaining. What a lovely backdrop for a garden party, for instance! You may not have enough room in your home, but when you add the garden room, you’ll have that space and the garden to use for a larger party. 

8). Valuable home addition: not many people realise that a garden room is a more valuable type of home extension, even over adding another room to the house. With a garden room, there’s no worry about extending the home and creating space issues, or problems with the neighbours. Instead, a garden room is usually an easy option and they increase the overall value of the property more than a room extension. A garden room can be used in various ways—everything from a home office or hobby room, or as Granny annex for elderly family members who are still somewhat independent.

9). Generate income: just as the garden room can be set up as a small flat for seniors, they can also be used as a guest room. They can be fitted out with everything needed for guests including a bathroom, kitchenette, bed and more. If you need additional income, it’s also possible to rent out the garden room to visitors. You could rent it out to Airbnb visitors and more.

10). Designer’s dream: what could be better than a garden room for a designer to work on? Even if you’re not a professional designer, it can be fun to decorate and furnish this beautiful addition to your home. You can choose any type of décor you’d like! If you’d like an island getaway or a wooden mountain cottage, the sky’s the limit when it comes to designing and decorating your new garden room.

These are the 10 facts to consider before starting on a garden room project. With a garden room, you’ll have more space that provides you and your family with versatile functions and design options. Not only that, but a garden room is one of the best investments you can make to improve your home’s value.

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