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Bespoke Garden Offices with toilet

We get many questions every day from people who are interested in adding a garden office with toilet to their home.

One question we hear quite a bit is, “Is it possible to add a toilet to my garden office?” We’re happy to say the answer is yes! In fact, adding a toilet to a garden office is an excellent idea especially if you’ll be working there for several hours a day.

Climate Control

Finance Available

Exceeds Regulations

Fully customisable

Who We Are

My Eco Space Group is the leading supplier for several types of garden rooms. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry. Our specialty is providing contemporary and traditional garden rooms made from the finest sustainable building materials. Each of our garden rooms is customised to the size and style you want. What’s more, our garden rooms are built to comply with UK planning regulations.

Our garden rooms are some of the strongest on the market due to our high-specification construction methods. We provide excellent building control, and our garden rooms have a C73 rating, which ensures you can expect a highly energy efficient building.

You can use our garden rooms for a variety of purposes—from garden offices, garden gyms, to garden studios, and more. And you can count on us to customise the design to fit your personal and professional needs. We create a bespoke luxury garden room built to your requirements.

garden offices with toilet

Whether you need an extra room, an office, or a place to enjoy hobbies, our garden rooms provide a cost-effective solution, as well as a place that is comfortable and suitable to use year-round.

Don’t worry if you believe your garden room is a bit different. We’ve built all types of garden rooms including some that are beautifully unusual. So, if you don’t see a design you like on our site, please contact and ask about your design. We do love a challenge!

With our years of experience, we’ve made many professional connections with specialist suppliers. We only work with those who we trust and know are the best around.

We take pride in offering full transparency when working with our customers. This means you never have to worry about hidden costs or extra charges. You pay for the initial purchase and installation. That’s it! No hidden costs—we promise.

Highest garden room specs

We build garden rooms with toilets that are probably more energy efficient than your home. Each room exceeds building regulations and normally does not require planning permission.


There are no hidden costs or charges with our garden rooms. All you pay for is the purchase price and installation. That’s it.

Nationwide delivery

Our headquarters are in Mirfield but we can install our garden rooms all across the UK, and have representation in every city.

Why Choose Our Garden Rooms?

We can think of several benefits you can expect from purchasing one of our garden rooms:

  • Work from home, without distractions, in your own dedicated home office.
  • No long commutes to and from work.
  • Enjoy an energy efficient garden room made with SIPS.
  • Use your garden room all year.
  • Save money by not commuting, paying for lunch out, and more.
  • Enjoy better work/life balance; have more time with your loved ones.
  • It’s cheaper than moving to a new home or building on an extension.
  • Can add up to 15% to your property value.
  • Constructed from SIPS panels, and to the latest building regulations.
  • Standard and bespoke garden rooms.
garden office with a toilet
garden office with toilet
  • Only sustainable materials used to build the garden office. 
  • Security features standard in all garden rooms.
  • Double-glazed glass, all windows & doors manufactured to a standard of BS7412.
  • No costly rental fees or unpleasant landlords to deal with.
  • Zero hidden fees or costs beyond the purchase and installation.
  • Flexible financing solution—buy now and pay later. We don’t always require an upfront deposit.
  • We’re customer-care driven and are a trusted trader.
  • Installation all over the UK.
  • 10-year warranty on all garden rooms.

Fully Connected Garden Rooms
Communications & Electrics


You don’t need to worry that your new garden room will be left without connectivity. We’ll make sure to fit your garden room with everything needed to keep you connected to communications & electric services.

Full electrics come standard with our garden rooms, which includes connecting to mains electricity. Here’s what we offer:

Standard fit

4-double sockets, LED wide-angle light fittings, communications sockets, low energy digital ECO well heater.

Optional extras

Climate control (heating/cooling), remote operation canopy lights, CAT6 broadband connection, TV coaxial connection.

If you have questions about our garden rooms or would like more information about garden offices with toilet, please contact us today. We’re happy to give you a free, no obligation quote. Just give us a call!

toilet in garden offices

Why Choose a

Garden Office with Toilet?

There are several reasons that fitting a garden office with a toilet makes sense.

Disruptions are kept to a minimum: it takes only a short walk to the house to visit the toilet; however, this can cause a major disruption to your work, thinking process, and more. Staying in your garden office is faster, and you won’t be distracted by anything when walking over to the house.

House is a distance away: if your home is not located close to the garden office, then the walk can take some time there and back. When it’s raining, snowing, or the weather is otherwise unpleasant, walking to your home can be uncomfortable. On the other hand, staying in your garden office keeps you from having to deal with the inclement weather. You’ll stay comfortable and have a shorter distance to the WC.

Extra toilet: when you have company, hold a party in the garden, and more you’ll have an extra toilet in the garden office. It’s more convenient and will keep people from traipsing into the house when you’d rather they stay in the garden. Plus, an extra toilet comes in handy when you have house guests.

These are only a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy! We have successfully managed garden offices with toilet in the past.

What’s Your Style?

We can meet your needs and preferences here, too. If you’d like a garden office with a pitched room, a box or rectangle-shaped building, or an L-shaped garden office, we’ve got you covered.

Happy customers

Add up to 15% to your property value without the need for (and cheaper than) an extension

Contact us today to discuss your project in more detail!

Garden Room Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need planning permission for my new garden room?
Probably not. Regulations around planning permission were relaxed in 2008 and updated in 2016. This means that complying with a simple set of rules allows you to avoid having to make a planning application. These include keeping the square meterage of your garden room below 50% of your total garden and keeping the height below 2.5m at the eaves. You can visit the Government planning portal to learn more.
Will my garden room need to meet any building regulations?
Fortunately the majority of our garden rooms are exempt from any building regulations. This said, we build them to comply anyway. If your potential garden room is over 30m2 then we will be required to inform your local building inspector. We do all of this for you so don’t worry about any hassle.
From start to finish, how long does it take to build a garden room?
Although each of our customer’s needs are specific to them (e.g. positioning, preferences and optional extras), the time between placing an order and getting started on the build of your new garden room is around 3 weeks. The build time is dependent on the size of your garden room and the complexity of the project.
What warranties are provided with our garden rooms?
Every one of our garden buildings are provided with a 10 year structural warranty, and an additional 20 year roof warranty. We build our garden rooms strong enough to last a life time.
How well insulated are garden rooms?
We construct all of our garden builds using highly thermally efficient SIP’s (Structurally Insulated Panels). This means that they are between 30-40% better insulated than most homes and therefore suitable for use all year round.

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