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Garden offices have become increasingly popular in recent years and they can boost the value of your property, too. Not only will you have a stunning place to work from home, but your property value will also increase with the addition of a garden office. So, why not consider reaching out to My Eco Space garden office builders? We have the knowledge and experience to create a beautiful garden office for your property.

With My Eco Space garden office builders, you’ll have a bespoke garden office that fits your needs. Would you like to have a dedicated place to work from home? Do you need business premises for your new company? If so, why not consider a garden office?

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The Garden Office Brings Many Benefits

Sure, you work in the garden to create a delightful place to spend time outside your home. But these days, “working in the garden” has taken on a whole new meaning. More companies are choosing a flexible work schedule, which allows employees to work from home or the office.

Working from home can be a great experience or a poor experience, depending on your setup. If you’re working on a cramped table in the corner of the living room or kitchen, chances are you face constant interruptions and distractions. These can take a toll on productivity and the success of your business. What’s better? A space you can call your own and one that’s dedicated to your work, such as a garden office.

Climate Control

Finance Available

Exceeds Regulations

Fully customisable

The Garden Office Brings Many Benefits

When you have a professional garden office builder, the result is an office tailored directly to your needs. And you can expect many benefits from having a garden office, including:

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Increased Productivity
Working outside in the garden, surrounded by nature, can drastically improve your productivity. Think of the stunning view of your garden and all the wildlife it contains. When you need a break from the computer screen, just glance out the window. You never know what you’ll see there, and the view changes from season to season.
With the beauty of nature and a dedicated workspace, you’ll see productivity soar. And as productivity increases, your business will also grow.

More Affordable Than a Rented Office
Using a garden room builder to create a bespoke office space is more affordable than renting traditional office space. What’s more, a garden office can also save money on commuting, paying rent & utilities, and more.

Garden Office Boosts Property Value
A garden office can also give a boost to your property’s value. When you choose a professional garden office builder to create a well-designed office, the structure can increase your property value. What’s more, potential homebuyers are willing to pay more for a home that includes a home office, such as a garden office.

A garden office is much less expensive than a traditional extension, and they don’t usually require planning permission. And when you sell your home, buyers are more likely willing to pay more for the benefits of working in a home office in the garden.

A garden office can provide even more benefits, such as allowing you to personalise the space as desired, have a dedicated workspace, and more. In addition, a garden office can be eco-friendly by creating a smaller carbon footprint. For one thing, you’re reducing the carbon created during the daily commute, and the garden office structures are made of eco-friendly materials.

Do You Have a Small Garden? That’s Not a Problem!

As a garden office builder, we have experience with designing and building a garden office, even in small gardens. We can design and build a garden office that doesn’t take up the entire garden. You’ll still have plenty of space to enjoy the garden and have the benefit of a dedicated home office located in a beautiful space.

We can design a bespoke garden office that’s built to meet your needs. When it’s completed, you’ll have a wonderful place to work and become even more productive with a dedicated office of your own.

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Why Choose My Eco Space Garden Office Builder?

First, we offer an affordable way to extend your space. A garden office creates a bespoke workspace where you’ll be free of distractions and interruptions.

And you don’t have to worry about an upfront deposit with us, and we have financing available.

Our garden offices are built with thermal insulation to ensure your garden office is built for year-round use.

We also offer expert advice on the design and placement of your garden office.

As a professional garden office builder, we also offer a 10-year guarantee on all of our garden offices.

What’s Included with All of Our Garden Offices?

Our garden offices include the following:


Security features

All fitted for your peace of mind


Double glazing

To provide a higher EPC rating than most houses


Mains electrics

Are also included as standard in each of our garden rooms



Our garden offices exceed building regulations


Superior materials

As garden builders, we only use quality fittings and materials


Cosy inside

Your garden office will be fully insulated for year-round use



We use maintenance-free cladding



We don’t require an upfront deposit, and each of our garden rooms comes with a 10-year guarantee

About Us

My Eco Space is a professional garden office builder dedicated to creating beautiful garden offices for our clients. We ensure our garden rooms are high-quality and cost-effective while creating a long-term solution to working from home. Our garden offices are tailored to meet your needs and create a comfortable, dedicated space where you can work all year round.

Our mission is to offer the most superior quality garden offices available, with a seamless project for project management and customer service. We are dedicated to delivering the best customer service possible. 

In addition, our buildings and working practices are designed to be sustainable and reduce our impact on the environment. We are members and active supporters of the Terra Carta Sustainable Market’s Initiative.

If you’d like to learn more about our garden office builder services and structures, contact us today. Let us know how we can help you design and build a stunning garden office in your garden.

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Garden Room Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need planning permission for my new garden office gym?
In most cases you will not need any planning permission for your garden office. If the dimensions of your garden building are below 50% of your total garden area and the height is kept below 2.5m at the eaves then you can avoid making an application. You can visit the Government planning portal to learn more.
Will my garden building need to meet any regulations?
No! In most cases our garden offices are completely exempt from the usual building regulations. Despite this, we still build them to comply regardless. With that said, if your garden office is over 30m2 then we need to inform your local building inspector – don’t worry, we’ll handle all of this for you.
What warranties are provided with our garden gym office?
Every one of our garden office buildings are provided with a 10 year structural warranty, and an additional 20 year roof warranty. We build our garden rooms strong enough to last a life time.
Can I get internet connectivity in my new garden building?
Yes! We know that it’s important for your business that your garden office room is fully connected. There are several things we can do to ensure that you have a reliable and fast internet connection.
What about mains electricity?
We include hooking your new garden office up to your mains electricity in every project as standard.

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