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Have you considered soundproof garden studios? Does a garden office need to be soundproofed? The answer to these questions depends on how you use the garden room. No matter what, the garden room is an extension of your home, and it can be built for almost any use. It’s possible to build a music room, home gym, exercise studio, and playroom. Each of these spaces could benefit from soundproofing.

soundproof garden studios

What is Soundproofing?

Soundproofing is the process of keeping sound from transferring from one space to another. It can involve adding mass and density to shared walls and more.

Why are Soundproof Garden Studios Important?

Soundproof garden studios are important for spaces that produce a large amount of noise. Soundproofing makes it possible to keep the sound in or out as needed.

For instance, sound leaking into the space can be a significant problem if the space is used as a music studio or as a home office. Noise from outside can be distracting and create unwanted background noise if you’re trying to record.

Noise leakage outwards could also be a problem. Neighbors may not want to hear all the noise coming from your garden studio.
These are a couple of examples of why it’s important to soundproof garden studios.

How to Soundproof a Garden Studio?

One of the best ways to soundproof a garden studio is to use damping materials installed in the structure’s walls. This can be done during construction, and you can choose from different types of soundproofing materials, such as:


Acoustic Insulation


MDF Boards

Some garden studio companies do offer acoustic insulation as standard; however, that’s not always the case. So, it’s a good idea to check the type of insulation used in your garden room. If there’s an option, it’s best to choose soundproof insulation to keep sound out.

You may also find that garden studio companies offer soundproof doors and windows. They may also provide seals during the construction of the structure.

Soundproof Furniture

You can also invest in soundproof furniture for soundproof garden studios. Furniture made of upholstery, such as microfibre, chenille, and other materials, is quite effective at damping sound. Use these fabrics for chairs and other furniture in the space. The fabric can also be used to make pillows and other furnishings. 

Area rugs can also help soundproof garden studios. Not only that, but they also add another layer of insulation to keep the space warmer in the winter. 

These are a few of the ways you can soundproof garden studios! 

garden studios soundproof

Why Choose My Eco Space Soundproof Garden Studios?

My Eco Space is one of the leading suppliers of garden office buildings. We offer a wide range of cost-effective, durable garden rooms that can be made into an office, as extra rooms, additional living space, and so much more. Moreover, our soundproof garden studios (and all of our garden rooms) are suitable for year-round use.

Our mission is to provide the most superior quality garden rooms available with a seamless process of project management and excellent customer service. We believe our customer service is whatever our customers want it to be.

In addition, My Eco Space has an eco-policy. Our buildings and working practices are designed to be sustainable and reduce our impact on the environment. We are members and active supporters of the Terra Carta Sustainable Markets Initiative.

When you choose one of our soundproof garden studios (or other garden rooms), you can expect the following:


Impact zone tech

We make the strongest garden rooms on the market



Our garden rooms exceed current building regulations



Our garden rooms are more efficient than your home



Iinstallation can be done all over the UK



We are transparent about all aspects of our ,projects and you’ll never have to worry about hidden costs or charges



We’re driven by customer care and are known for being a trusted trader



We offer standard and custom-built garden rooms

We’re proud to offer a wide range of garden rooms, garden offices, and soundproof garden studios. All are manufactured to the highest quality with sustainable materials, and each is finished to the best possible standard.

Each of our garden rooms comes with RG structural panels (SIPS) as standard, allowing year-round use of your soundproof garden studio.

garden soundproof studios

Why Choose a My Eco Space Soundproof Garden Studio?

Here are a few reasons to consider investing in our soundproof garden studios:

soundproof studio in the garden

No long commute times and no expensive train fares or petrol to buy


Constructed with SIPs panels to the latest building regulations


Adds up to 15% to your property value


Cheaper than moving house or building an extension


Excellent soundproofing qualities


No sound leakage in or out (you can work/record in peace without disturbing the neighbors)


Strike the right balance between work and life


No need to worry about costly office rental fees

Our Construction Process

We’ll walk you through our construction process so you how it works: 

1. We begin with a site survey to check feasibility, ground suitability, take measurements, and ground level. 

2. The site is prepared, and the ground screws are installed. 

3. The base is levelled, and construction of the RGP Modular SIPS envelope is started. 

4. Windows and doors are fitted, followed by a breathable membrane that’s wrapped around the build, and the rubber membrane is laid on the roof. 

5. The building is now ready for the first electrics, followed by plasterboard and plaster skin. In the meantime, joiners move to the outside to fit the cladding, the rubber roof membrane is glued to the SIPS, and soffits, fascia’s, gutter, and trims are installed. The garden room is now ready for painting, the second fixing of electrics, and the floor covering. 

6. After the final check and adjusting of the doors and windows, the new garden room is completed and ready to hand over to you!

Whether you choose from our soundproof garden studios or another of our garden rooms, you’re sure to be pleased with the quality of the structure’s construction and the beauty of the building. 

If you’d like to learn more about our soundproof garden studios, contact us today! We’re always happy to answer your questions about our services and garden rooms. Let us know how we can help you build an amazing soundproof garden room today! 

Happy customers

Add up to 15% to your property value without the need for (and cheaper than) an extension

Contact us today to discuss your project in more detail!

Garden Room Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need planning permission for my new garden office gym?
In most cases you will not need any planning permission for your garden office. If the dimensions of your garden building are below 50% of your total garden area and the height is kept below 2.5m at the eaves then you can avoid making an application. You can visit the Government planning portal to learn more.
Will my garden building need to meet any regulations?
No! In most cases our garden offices are completely exempt from the usual building regulations. Despite this, we still build them to comply regardless. With that said, if your garden office is over 30m2 then we need to inform your local building inspector – don’t worry, we’ll handle all of this for you.
What warranties are provided with our garden gym office?
Every one of our garden office buildings are provided with a 10 year structural warranty, and an additional 20 year roof warranty. We build our garden rooms strong enough to last a life time.
Can I get internet connectivity in my new garden building?
Yes! We know that it’s important for your business that your garden office room is fully connected. There are several things we can do to ensure that you have a reliable and fast internet connection.
What about mains electricity?
We include hooking your new garden office up to your mains electricity in every project as standard.

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