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Bespoke Garden Offices

Bespoke garden offices that don’t cost the Earth

bespoke garden offices
bespoke garden office

My Eco Space Group Bespoke Garden Offices – From £15,500

Are you a small business owner working from your home? Do you have a dedicated office space, or are you working from a spare room, the dining room table, or a corner in the living room or bedroom? It can be very difficult and frustrating when you need to work from home without a dedicated space. You may have to deal with kids watching the TV too loudly, or even playing video games. Or perhaps your pets are constantly wanting your attention. Your spouse or partner may also present some interruptions.

All of these distractions make it almost impossible to maintain focus and get any work done. You feel unproductive, frustrated and completely drained of energy. This could all happen by mid-morning or lunch time! How will you manage the rest of your working day with no focus or energy?

Climate Control


Finance Available


Exceeds Regulations


Fully Customisable


Climate Control


Exceeds Building Regulations


Finance Available


Fully Customisable


Increase Productivity with a Bespoke Garden Office

One way to solve your dilemma is to invest in a bespoke garden office. Not only will your productivity increase, but you’ll be more relaxed and better able to focus on what needs to be done. A garden office could be the answer to your problems with working from home.

Our bespoke garden offices are perfect for businesses of all types—from freelancers and entrepreneurs, to startups or established small businesses. If you work from home, having a dedicated office space in the garden, which is completely separate from your home life, will give you the space to get work done, without all the distractions.

Small Garden? No Problem!

Worried that your small garden can’t accommodate a garden office? Don’t worry, we can create a garden office just the right size for your small garden. The office won’t take up the entire garden, so you’ll still have plenty of space to enjoy the outdoors.

A bespoke garden office will provide you with a flexible space that meets your business needs. You’ll have a private workspace in a beautiful, relaxing setting—situated just outside your home. Our customized garden office solutions will allow you to create a unique, personalized space but with a detached, professional workspace in your garden.

What About Electricity & Other Connections?

Our bespoke garden offices come installed with electrics, with a standard connection to mains electricity. Your garden office will come complete with:

  • Standard fit: includes 4-double sockets, LED wide-angle light fittings, communication sockets, low energy digital ECO well heater.
  • Optional extras: include climate control heating and cooling, remote operation canopy lights, CAT6 broadband connection, TV coaxial connection.

Warranties & Security

We’ll include a 10-year warranty with your bespoke garden office, and we don’t often require an upfront deposit. And you’ll not find any hidden costs later down the line.

In addition, our standard fit includes security features and the highest standard fixtures and fittings available.

All glass is double-glazed, and all windows and doors are manufactured to a standard of BS7412.

You’ll have peace of mind with your new bespoke garden office.

Previous clients have asked us to provide these additional features:

Extra height ceilings, Bespoke exterior wall finishes, High-quality rubber flooring, Additional sound installation, Air filtration system installation, Sprung flooring, Under-floor heating, Toilets, Built-in furniture, Alarm systems and CCTV, Supplying Original Artwork.

garden office
garden offices

“Thank you for designing and building my new office… I’m pleased to say I’m very satisfied with the outcome and would be happy to recommend your company.”

Terry Sheldrake

Why choose My Eco Space Group for your garden office gym?

Risk free offer

Risk free payment terms, cast iron guarantee and no deposit guarantee. Ground clearance and foundations included in price. All for your peace of mind.


People, trust & Knowledge – our customers say we know what we’re talking about. Talk to our customers before you buy, we’ll put you in touch with some in your area


A 2 week delivery from date of order

What’s your style?

We can meet your needs and preferences here, too. If you’d like a garden office with a pitched room, a box or rectangle-shaped building, or an L-shaped garden office, we’ve got you covered.


Garden Rooms with pitch roofs have spacious interiors with extra head height. These amazing workspaces are built to impress.


Box and rectangle-shaped buildings with flat roofs are extremely versatile spaces. We can help you choose the right size structure based on your  needs.


My Eco Space Group L-shaped structures offer flexibility and look beautiful. If you need to divide your room into different work areas, talk to us about what this distinctive layout can offer.

The benefits of a bespoke garden office

Our bespoke garden office will increase the value your home. Plus you’ll no longer have to deal with the distractions of pets, family and more. If you’re currently commuting to work, your commute will be only be a few seconds! You’ll only need to watch out for stray toys and pets along the route to your home office!

Your own garden office is also a cheaper option than renting office space. You won’t have to deal with a landlord, a long-term contract, the noise of a coworking space, etc. The garden office will be your own space, to design and customize to your specific needs.

With a garden office, you can work from home on your own schedule. When you’re ready to start your workday, a beautiful workspace is ready and waiting in your garden.

A customised garden office will also be set up exactly as you want and need it. The office space will be personalised for you. You can decorate with as many photos, posters and other wall art as you’d like. If you like a lot of plants in your space, we can create a beautiful place for your plants, too. Your workspace will be personalized in a way that increases both focus and productivity.

Our bespoke garden office workspace will be built according to your business and professional needs and requirements. Unlike the “office space” in your home, a bespoke office space can be created exactly to your specifications—right in the garden. No mater what type of business you run our customized garden office will be an excellent fit for your needs.

box roof garden office

Why choose My Eco Space to build your garden room?


No Upfront Deposit & Finance Available


Fully Customisable


Two Week Delivery


10 Year Guarantee


Ground Clearance Included


Expert advice on design & equipment


Included in all of our bespoke garden offices


Security Features

All fitted for your peace of mind

Mains Electrics

Included as standard in all garden rooms

Double Glazing

Providing a higher EPC rating than most houses


Rooms that exceed building regulations

Cosy Inside

Fully insulated for year round use

Superior Materials

Only quality fittings and materials

Maintenance Free

Maintenance free cladding


No upfront deposit & 10 year guarantee

What about Special Requirements?

Special requirements are not a problem—we provide a complete design, manufacture and build service. If you require customized options, we can meet your needs. We have over 30 years of experience in the building trade, and we have professional connects with many specialist suppliers. You can count on our experience and that we only work with the best people we trust. Previous clients have asked us to provide these additional features:

  • Extra high ceilings
  • Bespoke exterior wall finishes
  • High-quality rubber flooring
  • Additional sound installation
  • Air filtration system installation
  • Sprung flooring
  • Under-floor heating
  • Toilets
  • Built-in furniture
  • Alarm systems and CCTV
  • Supplying original artwork

Garden room Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need planning permission for my new garden office gym?
In most cases you will not need any planning permission for your garden office. If the dimensions of your garden building are below 50% of your total garden area and the height is kept below 2.5m at the eaves then you can avoid making an application. You can visit the Government planning portal to learn more.
Will my garden building need to meet any regulations?
No! In most cases our garden offices are completely exempt from the usual building regulations. Despite this, we still build them to comply regardless. With that said, if your garden office is over 30m2 then we need to inform your local building inspector – don’t worry, we’ll handle all of this for you.
What warranties are provided with our garden gym office?
Every one of our garden office buildings are provided with a 10 year structural warranty, and an additional 20 year roof warranty. We build our garden rooms strong enough to last a life time.
Can I get internet connectivity in my new garden building?
Yes! We know that it’s important for your business that your garden office room is fully connected. There are several things we can do to ensure that you have a reliable and fast internet connection.
What about mains electricity?
We include hooking your new garden office up to your mains electricity in every project as standard.

Add up to 15% to your property value and take advantage of deductible finance options

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