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Have you long dreamed of working from home and having a dedicated office space of your own? Are you tired of working in the kitchen or in the corner of the bedroom? Do you need more space to work? If so, then consider our garden shed home office.

garden shed home office

What is a Garden Shed Home Office?

A home office is a purposely-built office space located in your garden. The small building is built to fit the garden space and can be customised to fit your needs. You’ll have a dedicated office space rather than working in odd places in your home. With a home office, it’s also possible to work without all the distractions of working in the house. You won’t have to deal with screaming kids, barking dogs, or cats lying on the keyboard!

Instead, you’ll have a private office space only a few steps away from your house. The garden home office is affordable and beautifully designed, and it’s all yours! These spaces give you the privacy and quiet needed to get work done.

The Benefits of a Home Office?

There are several benefits of having a home office:

Gets You Out of the House

Studies have shown that it can be psychologically challenging to live and work in the same space. It also makes work-life balance even harder to achieve. And what happens if you’re “in the zone” when your kids suddenly demand your attention? It’s not a very productive environment when you’re working in the house.

However, a garden shed home office offers a dedicated workspace where you can get things done. You’re away from the house but still close by. And if you need to meet a client, you can have the meeting in your garden office! It’s a more professional setting, and it stays clean and organised and creates a great impression.

Bespoke Office

When you choose to build a home office, it’s possible to create a bespoke office space that works for you. The space can be optimised with everything you need, from plenty of charging points and outlets, to shelf space for books and more.

Would you like an office with a tropical theme? Do you need plenty of light to draw and paint? No matter what you require, you can have it built. That’s only one of the beauties of a home garden office.

Adds to Your Property Value

Having a home garden office may also add value to your property. More homebuyers are looking for homes that have a garden office. For this reason, a home office in your garden can add between 5% to 7% to your property’s value. That’s a great investment in your property and your future.

You Still “Commute”

While you still “commute,” your office is now only a few steps away from your home! There are no unruly passengers to deal with on public transport. You no longer have to drive an hour or more to get to work.

At the very least, you may have to step over some toys and the dog, but that sure beats dealing with tons of traffic and unpleasant passengers!

Save Money

Another benefit of a home office is that you save money. How is that possible? Consider that you can save money by not commuting. And you’ll probably be eating lunch at home more often, so that also saves you money.

And if you’ve considered leasing a traditional office, you’ve seen the costs involved with that option. There’s more than just the rent and utilities to pay for when you go this route.

Better Work-Life Balance

A home office also offers a better work-life balance. For one thing, you have a dedicated workspace that’s away from the distractions of your home. And at the end of the day, it’s much easier to close your laptop and walk over to your house, leaving work behind.

You no longer have the temptation to check emails in the evening. Your work is out in the garden office! So, it can wait till morning. Then you have more time with the family, have fun working on hobbies, and more.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to building a home office, here are the reasons many customers choose us over the competition:


Affordable way to extend your space and create a bespoke home office in the garden.


No upfront deposit & we have financing available.


Our garden shed home office is thermal insulated for year-round use.


We offer expert advice on design & equipment.


We also offer a free survey and quotation, so you’ll know what your garden office will cost.


Fully customizable home office space.


You’ll also have low running costs with our energy-efficient home office.


Our garden offices come with a 10-year guarantee.

Our garden home office is built to a high specification, and we use sustainable building materials. We use SIPS panels that meet the latest building regulations. These are energy-efficient, so you can save on energy costs while working in the comfort of your own garden office.

In addition, we install all the electrics, connecting them to your mains electrical system. Our garden offices also come with modern communications connectivity so that you can stay connected from anywhere in your office.

My Eco Space is also the leading supplier of outdoor home office buildings. We have over 30 years in the business, and our specialty is creating contemporary, traditional, and bespoke garden shed home offices.

home office garden shed

Are There Special Requirements?

We offer a complete design, manufacture, and build service, and we can easily accommodate bespoke features.

We’ve been in the building trade for over 30 years and have professional connections with many specialist suppliers. We only work with the best and with the people we trust.

Previous clients have requested these additional features:

home office garden

Bespoke exterior wall finishes


High-quality rubber flooring


Extra-high ceilings


Underfloor heating




Air filtration system installation


Sprung floor


Supplying original artwork


Alarm systems and CCT


Built-in furniture

Contact Us Today!

So, we have the experience and knowledge to deal with special requests. Let us know what you’d like in your home office and we’ll get it done for you!

Happy customers

Add up to 15% to your property value without the need for (and cheaper than) an extension

Contact us today to discuss your project in more detail!

Garden Room Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need planning permission for my new garden office gym?
In most cases you will not need any planning permission for your garden office. If the dimensions of your garden building are below 50% of your total garden area and the height is kept below 2.5m at the eaves then you can avoid making an application. You can visit the Government planning portal to learn more.
Will my garden building need to meet any regulations?
No! In most cases our garden offices are completely exempt from the usual building regulations. Despite this, we still build them to comply regardless. With that said, if your garden office is over 30m2 then we need to inform your local building inspector – don’t worry, we’ll handle all of this for you.
What warranties are provided with our garden gym office?
Every one of our garden office buildings are provided with a 10 year structural warranty, and an additional 20 year roof warranty. We build our garden rooms strong enough to last a life time.
Can I get internet connectivity in my new garden building?
Yes! We know that it’s important for your business that your garden office room is fully connected. There are several things we can do to ensure that you have a reliable and fast internet connection.
What about mains electricity?
We include hooking your new garden office up to your mains electricity in every project as standard.

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