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A Home Garden Gym—Why You Need One in 2020

Mar 16, 2020 | Helpful Guides | 0 comments

It’s a new year, so time for a new you! The start of a new year is the perfect time to begin taking more care of your health. A garden gym can be just the thing to get you started on the right track to a new year of health and fitness!

Save Money

Gym memberships are expensive, period. In addition, they’re usually tied to a long-term contract. With a long-term contract, if you don’t use it fairly often, you lose money. You’re paying for time at the gym that’s not being used. Even if you have good intentions, sometimes life gets in the way and it’s hard to find time to visit the gym.

An unused gym membership is a waste of money—money that could be spent on a garden gym. A garden gym is situated in your own garden, where it can be used any time of the day or night. If you feel like doing a workout, all you have to do is go out to the garden. No long commute, which also saves money on gas or public transportation. What could be better than only a few seconds of walking to reach your garden gym?

In addition to a long-term contract, many gyms make it difficult to cancel their membership midway through the year. You’ll still have to pay the membership fee, even though you’re no longer using the gym facilities. Or you could be stuck paying the remainder of the membership if you choose to end the contract part way through. This can be expensive—another reason a garden gym makes more sense.

Privacy—Relax as You Exercise

It’s a fact—many people are simply uncomfortable visiting the gym to exercise. They may feel vulnerable due to their body shape and appearance, which makes them feel all eyes are on them. Another common issue is being the new guy or gal, and not understanding how everything works. All of this can make a person feel very embarrassed and uncomfortable.

On the other hand, with a home gym, you’ll have complete privacy. You can exercise completely in the privacy of your own garden gym, with no eyes to make you feel comfortable. It’s also easier and more relaxed to learn how to use the gym equipment and create an exercise routine that works for you—right in your own home.

24/7 Availability

Not many gym memberships include 24/7 access. This means you have to exercise at time that may not be convenient with your daily schedule, or at times that are not optimal for your body clock.

Instead, with a garden gym, you’ll be able to exercise whenever you want to or when you feel like it. If you feel like hitting the gym in the early morning or late at night, the garden gym will be accessible and ready for you. No matter the time, exercise when it fits your schedule and when your body’s ready. No more waiting until the commercial gym is open. Your garden gym is always accessible.

The Whole Family Can Exercise and Stay Fit

The cost of a commercial gym membership makes it expensive if your entire family would like to exercise on the premises. Even with a family membership, the cost is rather prohibitive for many families.

With a garden gym, your entire family can exercise and stay fit, without the cost of a commercial gym membership. Even the younger members of your family, who may be interested in keeping fit, can participate in exercise. Some commercial gyms don’t allow teens or younger kids to attend the gym. This issue is completely gone with a garden gym.

Your whole family can easily access the fitness equipment individually or even together. What’s more fun that than staying in shape together? A garden gym can make this all possible.

Workouts Can Last as Long as You’d Like

With a commercial gym, there are usually time constraints not only with the hours of operation, but also with access to the equipment. Everyone needs a turn, so you are only allotted a specific time slot. When that’s up, your turn’s over.

A garden gym removes this obstacle to staying fit. You can stay on the equipment as long as you’d like. Would you like a one-hour jogging session on the treadmill? No problem! Exercise as long as you want or as long as your endurance allows.

Or if you’ve still got time, you can throw in an extra session of Yoga, take another turn on the elliptical bike and more.

No Crowds & No Sharing

Gyms can be pretty busy places, and everyone wants to use the same equipment. This leads to a long wait in line for the cycling machine, for instance. With a garden gym, you won’t have to deal with crowds or long waiting lines for your favourite exercise equipment. You’ll have a workout in peace and quiet, while taking as much time as you like on the machine. You won’t have to give it up, unless your partner or kids would like a round on the fitness equipment!

Aside from possibly sharing exercise equipment with your family, you won’t have to worry about sharing with the crowds at the commercial gym. You won’t have to worry if the equipment has been properly cleaned or sanitised or not. With your own equipment, you’re in charge of keeping it clean. You’ll know exactly what’s been used to clean it. No more worries about germs and cleanliness when you have a garden gym.

Choose the Equipment You Prefer

In the gym, you have to use the equipment that’s provided—and you’re paying for equipment that you never use. With a garden gym, you can choose the fitness equipment you prefer, which means you’ll have more fun doing the exercises you really enjoy.

With all these benefits, what’s keeping you from getting a garden gym? If you’d like more information on a garden gym for your home, just give us a call. We’re looking forward to chatting with you!

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