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Gazal Soremi saves £250 a month working from her garden workshop

The case for working from home  


10 second commute to work

Working from home will give you more time to have fun with family and friends

Improve work life balance

Home workers save on average £1700 a year from travel alone

No office rent

No sat in traffic on your daily commute to work

There’s a misconception that time is money.  It’s a lie, time is life


Helping the environment and your health

Working from home takes cars off the road

Office blocks use more energy per square foot than a garden office

Reduction in paper and plastic waste just in eating habits alone


Daily commute

Average worker spends 1 hour a day commuting to work

Average commute cost per person is £22

Air pollution is more harmful inside a car or bus than outside


Garden Office

Must be energy efficient with good EPC rating

Must be designed by structural engineers and architects

Must be strong with long warranty

Must be a cost effective alternative to working in large office space



Why choose a My Eco Space Group garden office


Replace energy intensive, low efficiency workplace with environmentally friendly home office


Environmentally friendly garden office – The strongest on the market


With our unique impact zone technology™ this is the strongest most environmentally friendly garden office on the market.


We’ve taken huge steps to design a strong garden office which not only meets environmental and building standards, it’s comfortable and look good too.  We wanted to reduce the amount of energy intensive material used on our new office range so we set our structural engineers and designers the task.  


This could only be achieved increasing the core strength of the main structure and so Impact Zone Technology was conceived.  We looked at the elements of construction to see which would cause the greatest impact on the environment such as standard concrete and slab foundations, plasterboard walls finished with wet plaster and paint and the number of travel journeys to site.  Concrete and plaster manufacture being the most energy intensive of all building materials this was a good place to start. Starting at the bottom Utilizing our IZT floor system allows us to install the strongest base available without using concrete and with low impact on the environment. Reduces travel by 1 journey.


Replacing wet finished plasterboard with high quality prefinished, fire and damp proof zero maintenance wall boards had further benefits, they reduced the process by 6 travel journey’s and knocked 3 days off the build time.  We then looked at the electrics, most garden offices require an electrician to visit site to carry out the first fix the return when the plaster is dry to complete the second fix, 2 car journeys. We now use our proprietary modular cabling.  The modular wiring system is designed and tested offsite enabling our construction team to safely install without the need of an electrician saving time and car journeys. We’ve looked at every aspect of design and construction to bring you the strongest most environmentally, ECO garden office even down to the modelling dimensions.  By designing our offices to specific sizes based on our discussions with existing customers we’ve managed to further reduce travel to site. Bespoke garden offices usually require a qualified building designer to make a site visit to go through dimensions etc because they need to make sure it will work structurally. Standard sizing with structural calculations already in place means we can send our local qualified surveyors, (most of whom reside within 10 miles of the site) to check your site rather than a designer from head office.  In all our new building systems has reduced travel journeys to site by an impressive 10 per job


Look at the features

  • Impact Zone Technology on the floor , walls and roof
  • Wipe clean maintenance free walls and ceiling
  • Colour coded aluminium roof with option of integrated solar PV
  • Off-site manufacturing of components to reduce waste 
  • all materials used are recyclable
  • all timber sustainably sourced- low energy heating
  • Insulated to highest efficiency with very low heat loss
  • C+ EPC rating, that’s higher than most homes


Buying your garden office from My Eco Space you can be sure of getting the strongest most Eco friendly office on the market at the best value for money. 


  • Risk free £99 deposit – Purchase online – Pay deposit then we arrange survey
  • Cast iron guarantee
  • 2 week delivery
  • BUY NOW £99


Add up to 15% to your property value and take advantage of deductible finance options

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