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Get A Garden Room Instead of Moving

Mar 20, 2020 | Helpful Guides | 0 comments

It does not matter if you are deciding to work from home or if you have a growing family. Whenever you no longer have plenty of space, and you are not able to expand your home, you should always consider building outdoors.

When you move to a larger house, you spend tens of thousands on the cost alone. But if you love where you live and have some space in your garden, there is an alternative: a garden room. Use it as an office or yoga studio, for painting or making music, as a playroom or even as a guest room. Built to the right standards, it will be a fully functional indoor and outdoor expansion all year round.

Where do I start? Evaluate your outdoor space and consider the number of square meters available while giving yourself a fair amount of garden. It all depends on how you plan to use it: a small garden room can be less than 5 square meters, and most are less than 15 square meters, but you can also go bigger.

How much does it cost?

A little DIY wooden summer house could cost less than £1,000, but you can easily spend a five-figure amount depending on how big and luxurious it is. It really makes a difference whether the frame is a conventional wooden frame or high-performance structural insulation boards. Costs may vary depending on whether you opt to have a bathroom installed, benefit from flooring such as our Impact Zone Technology and optional extras like solar panels or an upgraded interior. At the same time, surfaces such as cedar panelling and plastered walls add up. An average of £10,000 to £20,000 is a very rough guideline. Check that your offer price includes obtaining the necessary permits, bases, connection utilities, delivery and installation.

Location matters

Without a building permit, you cannot specify a dependency on your front garden or more than 2.5 m if it is within 2 m of a boundary. You should also think about how far the room should be from your house, whether the floor is inclined and in which direction the windows and doors should be.

Check the permissions Most garden buildings are considered “eligible for development”, but it is essential to ask the local authorities about this. If you measure more than 15 square meters or want to use it for sleeping, you must comply with the building regulations.

Make it work

Do you want heating, lighting, plugs and maybe a small kitchen or bathroom? If so, think about how to connect the utilities unless you’re going to the sun or the wind. Insulation is essential (think of walls, floors and ceilings) as well as excellent security. If you want more, how about underfloor heating, folding doors, an entertainment system, a cinema installation or even a hot tub?

How About Style?

Depending on your budget, you can buy one off the shelf, customise a modular system, or create a fully custom order. There is no limit to what you can design: from a Hobbit capsule to a shepherd’s hut, a modern glass cube to a thatched roundabout.

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