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Good Reasons To Invest In A Garden Building

Nov 20, 2020 | Helpful Guides | 0 comments

Garden offices have become extremely popular in recent years, making them a valuable asset for those who choose to work from home. What could be better than stepping out the back door and in a minute entering the oasis of a home office in the garden?

Are you considering the possibility of working from home, rather than commuting to the office each day? If so, does your home have space for an office? If your home lacks the space, and you really would like to work from the comfort of your home, then why not consider the addition of a garden office?

These days, it’s possible to work from home and do it as well as when you’re sitting in an office on the 20th floor! In fact, you may be even more effective when working from your garden office.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the many benefits a garden office can add to your life.

Benefits of Having a Garden Office

Here are several benefits you can enjoy when working from your own office in the garden:

1). You’ll save money: we understand this may seem a little strange, when it’s a fact that building a garden office takes money. However, consider the fact that if you’re paying to rent office space elsewhere, you’ll save money by building a garden office. Also consider the amount you’re paying for utilities, cleaning, maintenance, and more with the rented office space. Add it all up.

While looking at the monthly amount of this calculation may not seem like much, multiply that by 12 (months), and it quickly adds up. But wait, there’s more!

Next, consider how much you spend on meals, snacks, the commute (back and forth). Add these up, multiply by 12. See what we mean? And when you add this to the previous total, the costs continue to rise. Keep in mind that if you drive a car to work, then you’ll also need to calculate in fuel costs, the maintenance costs for the vehicle, etc.

Now, consider that on average a garden office will pay for itself in about 2-3 years. Then take a look at the calculations you’ve just made. You’ll see how much you’ll be able to save by working from home in a garden office.

2). Work-life balance improves: when you’re commuting every day, that takes a lot of time going back and forth between work and home. Consider the commute if you had a garden office. It would be a mere few seconds from your home to the garden office. And you won’t have to deal with all the traffic, pedestrians, other riders on public transport, the noise, and more. You’d give up all of this and have more time at home with your family.

Time is a precious commodity that can’t be replaced. What would it be like to have an extra 2-3 hours with your family each day? What difference would that make in your kids’ lives? Spending quality time with them is a life-long investment—one that would be lost because of the daily commute. This, alone, is a great reason to have a garden office.

3). Fewer distractions: when you work in an office, you have to deal with all types of distractions. This may be people talking on the phone, employees talking in the break room rather loudly, devices ringing and pinging, and more.

And if you do work from an office in your home, there are other types of distractions. These can include partners and their activities (such as cleaning, doing laundry), the kids, pets begging for attention, barking/meowing, and other types of distractions such as the TV being on too loud.

On the other hand, with a garden office, you could have all the benefits of working from home, but without all the distractions. The garden office would be a place situated in the garden, where you could find focus and concentrate as needed for the work at hand.

If you have a family, it may be necessary to establish some boundary rules to keep them from poking their heads in every so often. But that’s usually something that’s very manageable. The main thing is you would have a dedicated workspace in a quiet area, outside the home and away from distractions.

4). Start your business in a garden office: a garden office can be a great way to start your own business and be your own boss. If your home doesn’t have the space for a dedicated office, a garden office may be just what you need.

For one thing, you won’t have to deal with the cost of renting an office, paying for office furniture/equipment, utilities, and more. Instead, you can use those same funds to build your garden office. You won’t have to pay rent, and utilities are inexpensive for these small spaces. Not only that, but you’ll have a space where you can be productive and have less stress than working from a dedicated office inside your home.

5). Personalise your space: with a garden office, you’ll have the chance to create and decorate a workspace that fits you. Rather than working in a dull, drab traditional office, you’ll be able to create a personalised workspace that’s beautiful and reflects your own preferences.

A garden office gives you a free slate to choose the type of furniture, the colours, décor, and more. You’ll also have control over how warm or cool your office space is. As a result, you’ll be much more comfortable and be able to work more effectively. Plus, you can enjoy special visits from the kids or even take your dog to work with you.

Summing It Up

As you can see, a garden office brings many benefits. You can save money, commute time, work more effectively in a space designed just for you, and more. The best thing of all is that you’ll have more time with your family. What could be a better benefit than that?

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