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Investing in your health and fitness

Mar 11, 2020 | Helpful Guides | 0 comments

“If you choose to have a longer, healthy life you have to do something to make that happen.  Regular exercise is a key part of that. A gym in your garden gives you fitness at your fingertips providing convenience, personalized equipment, access at any time, privacy and saves travel time” 

Martin Heale Richmond

Investing in your health and fitness

A very interesting, truthful analogy by Martin Heale with all the good reasons and benefits of owning your own garden gym in one paragraph.

It’s true that it’s so much easier to keep fit and healthy when your happy and enjoy training in your own purpose-built garden gym.  Convenience being the buzz word here, no more travelling on busy roads or crowded public transport, no waiting for equipment, it will be air conditioned to your own comfortable temperature and the gym set up exactly the way you like it.  Your own gym won’t be packed with people either, full of cold, viruses and other nasty germs. Your own garden gym will be convenient

Your investment

A good quality garden gym will cost you upwards of £20,000 depending on size, type of floor covering, foundation and construction type or type of heating such as full climate control.  All the afore mentioned are so important when investing in your future fitness, you need your building to last, it needs to be designed by garden gym experts before spending your hard earned cash.  

Investing in your time

Yes, investing in your health can be expensive but there is an often overlooked aspect when considering the overall cost of a garden gym.  Time, there’s a saying that time is money but you know it’s one of the biggest lies ever told. The truth is that time is life. So what value do you place on your time?  If you could add up all the hours lost travelling to the gym, waiting for equipment, how many hours would that be, 4 hours, 6 hours, a week, more? 

Investing in your property

I’m often asked if building a gym in “my” garden will increase the property value.  It will depend if it’s a good quality well designed and appointed gym, does it have legal documents for planning if required or a building certificate.  Is it positioned sympathetically to fit in with the landscape of your garden? All of these points should be included by a reputable company specialising in garden gyms so your gym should add 10% – 15% to your property value which will more than cover your initial investment.

Investing in a longer life for you and your gym

Like the statement by Martin Heale above, if we want to live longer, healthier lives we need to do something to make that happen.  But what about a longer life for your garden gym and associated gym equipment? It’s easy to be complacent when choosing a gym supplier especially if they’re the cheapest, nor does it follow that the most expensive is the best either.  The advice here is make sure all the follow components are included when choosing a company to build your new gym.


  • Does your chosen company specialize in garden gyms and are they experts?
  • Are they familiar with the type of exercise you will do and the equipment required?
  • Can they advise on suitable equipment?
  • Will the company test the ground in your garden to ensure the correct type of foundations are used?
  • Does the garden room come with structural calculations for the foundations and main structure?
  • Does the structural design include a system to mitigate shock waves from rigorous work outs?
  • Does your building come with a long no quibble warranty?


When all things are considered, convenience, time, cost, travel, comfort, gym membership and classes cost and the increase to the value of your property then a garden gym is a sound way to invest in your future health and fitness


Add up to 15% to your property value and take advantage of deductible finance options

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