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Lockdown and the Growth of Home Garden Gyms

Jul 24, 2020 | Helpful Guides | 0 comments

Lockdown has brought immense change to many aspects of our lives. Many of us have had to work from home, which has meant changing unused rooms into dedicated office spaces. Or we’ve had to resort to taking over space on dining tables, or even a space in our living room or bedroom.

The lockdown has also meant that all gyms have been closed, which has been a difficult situation for those who want to stay in shape. If you’re stuck at home and want to work out, what are your options?

Staying in Shape at Home

Trying to keep to an exercise routine during the lockdown has become quite a hassle. What options do you have? Some have chosen to work out in their garage, an extra room or even out in the yard. However, makeshift gyms may not always be the best choice. Instead, why not consider adding a garden gym to your home? There are many benefits to building a garden gym!

Garden Gym Benefits

If you’d like to stay in shape at home, then a garden gym may be the best solution. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits a garden gym could add to your life.

With a garden gym, you could have a space that’s made especially to your exercise requirements. If you need special exercise equipment, a bespoke garden gym could be the answer. Consider this, you’ll have the exact equipment you need and prefer, with space designed specifically for your exercise routine. What could be better?

1). No public workouts: some people find it uncomfortable to work out in public. Not only that, but in a public gym, it may be crowded, and you could face long waiting lines just to use a piece of exercise equipment.

However, with a bespoke garden gym, you’ll no longer have to do exercises in public, deal with crowded spaces or long waits to use equipment. You can work out in private and use equipment when you want to. You’ll have more freedom with a home garden gym.

2). Fewer distractions: if you’re serious about your work outs, but you have to exercise in your home, then you may be dealing with distractions. Distractions may come from your spouse, your kids, pets, and more. Sometimes your family may even need to use the space at the same time you’re trying to exercise. This makes it more difficult to focus on your training.

Instead, with a garden gym, you’ll have a dedicated space where you can concentrate and focus on your exercise. There will be fewer distractions in the peace and quiet of your home garden gym.

3). Add value to your property: adding a garden gym is a great way to increase your property’s value. You will have to deal with the initial cost of building the garden gym; however, this will completely be compensated for with the increase in your property’s value.

4). Save Money: when you visit a gym, there’s usually a pricey membership involved. However, with the addition of a garden gym, you’ll no longer be tied to those expensive membership fees. Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy exercising in your own beautiful garden gym, while saving tons of money at the same time.

5). Choose the equipment: when you pay for a gym membership, you may not use all the exercise equipment available. This is another reason gym a membership can be expensive.

On other hand, with your own garden gym, you can choose exactly what exercise equipment is best for your fitness routine. If you like to lift weights, do Pilates or yoga, you’ll be able to choose the type of equipment to include in your home gym. Your gym is tailored to your needs.

6). Longer workouts: with a public gym membership, you can only exercise when the facility is open. This means if you may have to wait to access a machine by waiting in a queue. In addition, you may only have a limited time on the machine if there’s a line of people waiting to have their turn. All of this means you may have limited time to get a truly beneficial work out.

However, with a garden gym your workouts can last much longer. You won’t have to finish working out by a specific time, or because of other people waiting to use a piece of equipment. A home gym is available any time of the day or night, and even on weekends! You can access the garden gym according to your own schedule—no matter what day or time you’d like to exercise.

7). Keep the temperature comfortable: it’s no fun sweating and working out in a space that’s too hot or too cold. Doesn’t the thought just make you shiver?

With a garden gym, however, you’ll have complete control over the temperature, whether you like it warmer or cooler. A garden gym can include both cooling and heating, making it possible to exercise in comfort all year round.

8). Security: when it comes to security, you may be worried that a garden gym won’t keep your gear safe. However, garden gyms can include the type of security you need to keep your exercise equipment safe. Security options can include blinds, safety glass, multi-point locks, and more. You can keep your equipment safe and security at all times.

9). Gym to fit your home and garden: what could be better than adding a room that fits both your home and garden? Think how lovely it would be to exercise in a natural setting, with views to your beautiful garden.

Are you concerned about the garden room looking like some strange alien thing from space sitting in the yard? There’s no need to worry! A garden gym can be designed to completely compliment both your home and the garden.

No one is certain when the lockdown will end, or if it will return in the future. So, why not consider the addition of a garden gym to your property? You’ll enjoy all the benefits and be able to keep up your workout routine in a dedicated space that’s specially designed to meet your work out needs.

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