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Bespoke Garden Gym

In the autumn of 2018 I concluded a 30 year career in the City and started afresh as a strength and conditioning coach – a dream of mine for many years. In order to provide the best experience for my clients I wanted to have a really great garden gym for them to come and train in. I also wanted to ensure that the space I was working from was somewhere that I would enjoy spending a lot of time in. 

I had tracked the evolution of the garden building industry for years and was excited about the options available but nervous about making an expensive mistake or potentially getting something that was very poor quality. As I do with all major purchases I did a huge amount of research before deciding to go ahead with My Eco Space even though there were many local alternatives. Why? 

First of all Kevin was a joy to deal with. My previous career had all been about negotiations with people and I immediately trusted Kevin. Secondly he was prepared to proceed at my pace without ever rushing me into a decision or pushing me down a route I didn’t want to go. Importantly Kevin was also able to take care of everything. My Eco Space provide expert consultancy and project management ensuring that you don’t have to find outside contractors for jobs like site clearance or fitting electrics which can be difficult, time consuming  and potentially add extra cost and unnecessary layers of stress. 

Once I pulled the trigger the building went up according to plan and with minimal fuss and inconvenience to my family. A year on I’m delighted and consider it exceptional value. Nothing has broken and clients have trained and thrown weights around to their hearts content. I also use the room as an office and during the lockdown it’s been a wonderful retreat.

There are now a bewildering amount of options available in the garden building market but I would strongly recommend that you talk with Kevin and My Eco Space if you are thinking about moving forward with your own project. Even if you eventually decide to go down another route he will willingly give you his time and counsel and I suspect his expertise will be invaluable to you as it was to me. 


Thank you Kevin and My Eco Space.  

Phil, Hertfordshire.