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The Benefits of Building a Corner Garden Room

Aug 31, 2020 | Uncategorised | 0 comments

Do you have a small garden and can’t imagine how a garden room could fit? Do you need the extra space, but believe your garden’s too small? We understand. In this article, we’ll take a look at the most common issues of fitting a garden room into a small garden space, and then take a look at the type of garden room that may work for your small garden!

You’d Like to Add Space to Your Home But…

This is a common problem. Many people would love to add more space to their homes but believe it’s not possible. They may have found the home they plan to retire in, so moving isn’t an option. Or perhaps it’s not a good time to buy a new house and move, especially if prices for home are extremely high. So, what’s a person to do? 

More space would allow you to have a place to work, a place to exercise, work on hobbies and more. You may consider adding space onto your home, but find this isn’t an option, either. So, it seems an impossibility to create more room in your home.

Then your thoughts may turn to the garden. Garden rooms are a highly popular option for adding more space to an existing home. These rooms can be used for everything from work and hobbies to entertaining. That seems like a possibility, until you remember your garden is very small. How on earth could a garden room fit into your small garden?

Consider a Corner Garden Room

In many cases, even a tiny garden may be able to accommodate a garden room. This is where corner garden rooms shine—they can fit into very tight spaces. They can take advantage of even the smallest spaces and efficiently use each square foot that’s available in the corner of a garden.

Corner garden rooms are best for those small gardens that have complex spaces, especially if nothing else will fit in these areas. You can use a corner garden room as you’d like, and still have garden space to enjoy.

Not only that, but garden rooms located in corners don’t have to imposing structures. Instead, they are designed to fit into the garden, without overtaking the small space. You can still enjoy the additional space for your home, without taking anything away from the garden area itself. What could be better than enjoying your beautiful garden from the comfort of a corner garden room?

What are the Benefits of Building a Corner Garden Room?

If you need more convincing about the usefulness and beauty of a corner garden room, here are some benefits to consider:

1). Corner Garden Rooms Can be Compact

While your garden may be small, a corner garden room can be built in such a way that it doesn’t take up your entire garden.

A bespoke garden room can be designed to fit in the space that’s available, so that you can still have space to enjoy your garden.

2). A Garden Room Can Make Your Garden Even Better

What’s more lovely than to be able to be out in midst of your garden, enjoying the birds, sunlight, fresh air, along with the plants and flowers. A garden is a beautiful place to relax and get away from it all for a while. In fact, you may be worried that adding a garden room will take all of the beauty out of your garden.

The fact is that a corner garden room can be customized to fit in precisely the area you’d like to place it. And the room can be built in such a way that it takes advantage of the area, without taking up much space in the garden. A corner garden room can be placed in order to add some ambience to your garden, and even make it more enjoyable.

Think of a spot in the garden a corner garden room might work. The garden room can be filled with windows, shaped in a way that fills only the corner space. It can also be designed to fit in with your home’s architecture, without adding a “wart” to your garden.

Once built, the corner garden room can then be enhanced with flowers and plants planted all around it. You might create a traditional English garden, even with a garden path that goes from the house to the corner garden room.

What a beautiful setting you could create, even in small garden space!

3). Use the Corner Garden Room in Many Ways

Have you considered what you’d like to use the extra space in the garden room for? Even a small, corner garden room can create a flexible space for you and your family. For instance, you might consider using the garden room as an office, which could be especially helpful if you work from home. A garden office would help you stay focused on work, and not be bothered by the distractions of family and pets in the house.

You could also use the corner garden room as a place to entertain family and friends. Garden rooms are lovely places to have an outdoor party, a BBQ, and more. What better place to be than outside in your beautiful garden when entertaining in the summer months?

A small corner garden room could also be used as a place for your hobbies, a recording studio, a place to relax, or even as a home gym. The sky’s the limit, even when considering a corner garden room.

4). Make Sure Your Corner Garden Room Meets Planning Regulations

In most cases, adding a corner garden room won’t require that you meet specific planning requirements. However, with a small garden it’s possible the room could be built near a boundary. In this case, you may need to see if planning permission is needed before going ahead with your project.

We’ve just walked you through the possibility of adding a corner garden room to your home. There are many possibilities! You just have to reach out to a professional garden room building to fill in the details. And soon you’ll be able to enjoy your new corner garden room, strategically placed to take advantage of your small garden, without imposing on its beauty.

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