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Types of Garden Rooms to Improve Your Wellbeing

May 28, 2020 | Helpful Guides | 0 comments

Have you ever wished for a room or space at home where you could relax? A room where you could get away from it all?

Home is a physical building, one that has a huge impact on each of our lives. It’s where we spend time with loved ones, live, sleep and socialise. Homes also provide a space where we can focus on our health and wellbeing. But sometimes, there’s not enough space to create a place where we can get away from it all.

When everyone in the family is home at the same time, where can you go to relax? There are many distractions and interruptions which seem to pile up more when you’re just trying to kick back a bit.

Have you ever thought of building a garden room that’s just dedicated to wellbeing? What could be better than a room, out in the garden, that is completely set aside as a place to relax and recoup?

We’ve put together a list of types of garden rooms that can provide the oasis you and your loved ones need. A haven where you can turn off your phone, get away from computers, go off-grid. Let’s take a look!

A place to Relax

If you can’t get away from it all by traveling or taking a holiday, then consider creating a garden room that functions as a relaxation space. Use the room to create a sanctuary where you can get away from it all.

A relaxation room can take on just about any design and style you’d like. Perhaps you’d like to create a snug garden room. You might consider filling it only with things that provide comfort. The exterior could be something that evokes comfort such as a country home, though a modern design could also work.

The space could include large windows, include walls painted in colours that are sure to soothe, such as pale blues, neutrals and even light shades of grey. Next, the furniture could be made of wicker or fabric, set with cushy throw pillows and draped with cosy afghans.

The floor could be of wood and be partially be covered with a throw rug or two. Lamps could be used to make the room usable for all times of the day, with the use of smart LED bulbs. These allow you to dim or increase the light level as desired. And if you love fireplaces but don’t want to mess with a wood fire, you could opt for an electric fireplace, which still provides that touch of ambience that can make a room feel more warm and inviting.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to creating a relaxation garden room!

Reading Room

Whether you choose to relax with a real book or an ebook, a reading room is the perfect place to enjoy a good read. If there’s not space available in your home, you might consider creating a garden room strictly dedicated to reading.

For a comfortable, relaxing reading room you’ll need comfortable seating. This could be a combination of a couch and one or two chairs, or whatever type of seating provides the most comfort and relaxation for you. Furniture in your garden reading room should be placed to take advantage of great lighting. Natural light is best, but you an also add lamps. Be sure to keep the light bright enough to read by, but not blinding, which can be accomplished through the use of lights & lamps that have a dimmer function.

You may also need to consider window coverings that help control the light, while also creating a more private nook for reading. And you’ll definitely need a side table or a coffee table. Where will you put that hot cup of tea or coffee as you read?

If you prefer reading on the floor, just make the space comfortable with throw rugs and large pillows. The large pillows can be shaped and placed in any formation to create a comfortable place to read.

Are you getting the idea? What your garden reading room look like?

A Space to Socialise

Socialising does wonders for the soul and has been proven to improve mental health. It can even be relaxing, too! And nothing says socialising more than a garden. Do you have a grill in the garden where you enjoy cooking in the summer? Do you enjoy parties? If you’ve answered yes, then perhaps a social garden room is what you need!

Outdoor entertaining is natural, especially in the warmer months. For a garden room dedicated to socialising, you could consider creating an outdoor room with wide doors that open directly onto the garden. The room can be set up as a place to eat, kick back and visit with friends, or it could even be set up as a small bar.

In front of the garden room, you could create a patio setting with a table and chairs dedicated to visiting and dining. And, of course, you’ll have to incorporate the grill into this area. Can you imagine a better setting for entertaining friends?

The garden is a place to relax and enjoy a bit of nature. So, be sure that the social garden room is set up to incorporate plants, which bring nature into the room. The idea is to create a flow of nature between the room and the garden, so everything blends together to create a beautiful spot.

There are so many ways you could design the ultimate garden room for entertaining family and friends! What better way to boost your wellbeing?

A True Garden Room

Have you thought about creating a real garden room as a place to get away from it all? Nature offers a soothing touch to the soul, making you feel relaxed and uplifted. In fact, what could be more relaxing than a garden escape created to resemble a cabin in the mountains or the woods?

For this type of garden room, you might want to go with materials that are more natural. Timber, on the exterior, could provide a rustic look. On the inside, choosing décor that fits a country or mountain cottage may include updated vintage furniture and accessories. The look is usually more on the cosy, snug side.

Here, again, it might be a great idea to help the interior blend in with the garden, while keeping everything relaxed and low-key. Just use your imagination to create a country or mountain cottage in your own garden!

As you can see, there are various ways to use a garden room to create a getaway. A snug place in the garden that’s dedicated to relaxation and wellbeing—what could be better?

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