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Why Should You Buy A Garden Office?

Have you considered making some changes to your home office, perhaps to even moving into a garden office? Now’s a great time to buy a garden office and make the move you’ve been considering. In fact, more and more people who work from home are choosing to move their office from inside their home to a garden office.

Here are several reasons that may help you to make the decision to go ahead and buy a garden office.

1). Better work-life balance

One of the most arduous parts of the workday is the time it takes to travel from home to work in the morning, and then back again in the evening. You have to deal with traffic and accidents, and just the time it takes to travel back and forth.

Why not make the move to work from home in a garden office? You’ll save hours that can be better spent on work, family time, staying healthy and more. Working in a garden setting can also be calming. You’ll feel better and be more productive at work by reducing the time it takes to get to the office. Think of it—with coffee cup in hand, in just a few steps you can be at work in your own back yard in the garden office.

How much shorter could your commute be? Well, it could be a little faster if you choose to work in bed, but that’s not a good place to work, as you may be tempted to doze off too often!

Your garden office will provide just the right balance between your work and home life.

2). Dedicated workspace

It is possible to set aside a workspace in your home; however, it’s very easy to mix work with hobbies, share the space with others (think of your kids playing with Legos, and leaving them on the floor…ouch!), etc. When this happens, your productivity can be affected, and it can be difficult to find that printed document you need. Things can become a jumbled mess in an indoor office.

On the other hand, a garden office can provide a dedicated space you can use only for work. You’ll have a space where you won’t be bothered by the vacuum cleaner running, the kids watching TV and playing video games, etc. Instead, you’ll have a quiet work environment, where you can keep everything neat and tidy, arranged in the way you need to work effectively.

3). No rental costs involved

With a garden office, you can forgo the expense of renting an office or other type of dedicated workspace.

Sure, you’ll have to make the purchase of a garden office, but it will soon pay for itself and you’ll save money on rent. After the office pays for itself, you’ll have money to put back into the business, to help it grow.

4). Cost-effective choice

Are you worried about the cost of a garden office? Then consider this—a garden office can actually be a very economical choice of workplace.

Garden offices are much more affordable these days, due to construction and manufacturing methods used. As noted earlier, you’ll save money on renting a traditional or other type of office space. In fact, your beautiful garden office could pay itself off in a year. That’s pretty fast, especially when considering the costs of renting equivalent office spaces elsewhere.

In addition, a garden office can add quite a bit of value to your home. This would be considered a property improvement. And remember that working from home is becoming more the norm, so people are looking for homes where they can take advantage of this type of workspace option.

5). Enjoy the quiet

You’ll no longer have to deal with the background noise of a busy office space. You’ll also avoid city noises, for the most part. You won’t have to listen other people’s conversations or worry about someone sticking their head in to say hi when you need to concentrate on work.

Think of the relief you’ll experience working in a calmer, quieter environment. It will be easier to focus, and you’ll become more productive, too. You’ll also find fewer distractions and interruptions when you need to get work done.

6). Healthier work environment

Along with the peace and quiet, you may also become healthier working your garden office. Studies have shown that working in a traditional office building can be hard on your body, mind and spirit. What can be inspiring or healthy about a steel, brick building with plasterboard walls and lack of fresh air?

Instead, a wooden garden office building can be better for you all the way around. Wooden buildings keep the humidity and temperature more or less even. You’ll also find lower amounts of dust, dust mites, mould, etc.

Wooden garden office buildings have also been shown to ease symptoms of stress. Picture yourself working in the backyard, where you may have a tree and a small a garden, with grass, etc. You’ll hear the birds, the wind sighing in the branches of your tree—what could be more peaceful and relieve your stress better than nature and a cozy wooden garden office?

7). Save on utilities

Here’s another way to save money with a garden office. By working in your garden office, you won’t have to pay to heat and cool the entire house, when you just need one space to work in. There’s no need to run the heat and air conditioning all day.

Instead, you can easily insulate a garden, and even purchase double glazed windows for extra insultation. Then you only need to heat or cool one space during the day, saving quite a bit of money on utilities in the process.

8). Variety of options available

When it comes to garden buildings, you’re not stuck with one style or shape. In fact, you’ll find a variety of well-built garden offices sure to please your senses and meet your work needs.

You’ll find many types of designs and styles these days when it comes to garden offices. Gone are days of corrugated buildings that look like shed. Now you can find everything from modern to Victorian designs that will fit in with house. They also come in a wide variety of sizes, so you’re sure to find just what you want when it comes time to buy your garden office.

A garden office is a great way to work from home. You’ll save money, have a better balance between life and work, etc. You’ll also become more productive in the process in a more relaxing environment that includes the outdoors. A wooden garden office is a great way to add value to both your home and your life.

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