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Your Very Own Garden Room Yoga Studio

May 10, 2021 | Uncategorised | 0 comments

Do you enjoy doing yoga at home? Does your home have a great space where you can practice yoga? If your home is a bit short on space and you could use more room for yoga, then why not consider building a garden room yoga studio?

With a garden room yoga studio, you’d have control over the environment, the atmosphere, and the space. No more doing yoga in the living room while the kids are watching TV! You could have a space that’s your own where it’s quiet and peaceful. That’s the perfect place to do yoga.

Benefits of Practicing Yoga Outside

Did you know there are benefits to practicing yoga outside? Even if you build a garden yoga studio, you’ll be outside in your garden, closer to nature, fresh air, and sunshine. When you practice yoga outside, you can enjoy these benefits:

More space: taking yoga out to the garden room is the perfect way to get away from the chaos and stress that may be inside your home. With a garden yoga studio, you can control the atmosphere of the space. It will be positive, free of stress, and have room enough for your yoga moves.

Fresh air: breathing is an integral part of yoga. What can be better than being outside, in the fresh air, and practicing the deep breathing needed for yoga?

Sunshine: you’ll also have more exposure to the sun, which is great for building up vitamin D in the body.

Mental health improves in nature: studies have shown that nature has a huge impact on mental health. Being outside is relaxing, releases endorphins (natural mood-boosting neurotransmitters), which work to make us happier, increase self-esteem, and more.

These are only a few of the benefits you can experience in your own garden yoga studio!

What to Consider for a Garden Room Yoga Studio

Now that you see some of the benefits of having a garden room yoga studio, it’s time to think about what you need in the space. Here are things to consider for your garden yoga studio.

1). Adjustable Lighting

While it’s true that natural light is best, there are still times when you may need lighting in the garden yoga studio. For instance, if you want to use the room in the evenings or during the wintertime when there’s not as much light available.

Adjustable lighting is the perfect option for a yoga studio. This type of lighting allows you to have full control over the level and colour of the light. You may choose to dim the light when you need extra relaxation time. It’s also possible to have lights placed in various places inside the room. For example, they could be placed in corners, spotlights in the ceiling, or even lamps placed around the room.

You might even consider a skylight, which can be covered or open to allow more natural light into the space.

2). Climate Control

To enjoy your garden yoga studio all year round, it will be necessary to have climate control added to the space. This way, you’ll be able to use the room any time of the year.

The garden room will need to be insulated, have high-quality flooring and double-glazed windows and door. The space will also need to be connected to electricity to allow for heating and cooling.

No matter what season of the year, you’ll stay comfortable with a climate-controlled garden yoga studio.

3). Music System

Do you like to listen to soothing music when doing yoga? Then you’ll need to consider a music and sound system for your yoga studio.

When building a garden room, it’s possible to have the sound system built directly into the space. This way, you’ll have surround sound, which is great for creating the best atmosphere for your yoga sessions.

You’ll have a relaxing sanctuary, where you can enjoy the type of music you need and want to relax your mind and body.

4). Décor

What type of décor do you think of for a yoga studio? Most people think of a space that’s decorated with a minimum amount of furniture and stuff. The chill-out zone can include any type of furniture you want or need.

If you prefer a space that’s light and airy, you may want to consider painting the walls a light colour. Neutral colours are perfect for a yoga studio. If you’d like a little more colour, then add pops of colour with wall art, brightly coloured yoga mats, and more.

Some prefer a livelier colour scheme, and that works, too. No matter what your décor preferences are, you’ll have control of what’s in the space, the colours, and more when you build a garden yoga studio.

5). Plants

Your décor may also include plants. They’re soothing touches of nature, which can also add some colour to the space. What’s more, some houseplants can even clean and purify the air.

The right type of plants will help create a more relaxing environment in your garden yoga studio. Plants are also perfect for adding a warmer touch to a space, while also making it more enticing.

Adding plants to your garden yoga studio can also be done strategically. Take a look at your garden. Are there houseplants that could be used to bring the theme of your garden into the yoga studio? This way, you create a deeper connection to nature in your garden while adding some life to the space. Your garden room will also feel more incorporated into the garden. This brings a feeling of balance and relaxation to both the garden and your yoga studio.

6). Yoga Equipment

What yoga equipment will you need for your garden yoga studio? Consider the type of yoga you practice and the type of equipment you’ll need.

Some of the most commonly used pieces of yoga equipment for home studios include:

  • A yoga mat: look for a yoga mat made of “grippy” materials. When you sweat, your hands won’t slip. Also, consider the thickness of the mat. Some mats are thin; however, you may benefit from a thicker mat depending on your personal requirements.
  • Yoga blocks: are used by both beginners and those who are more advanced. They help to modify yoga poses and support correct alignment/balance.
  • Yoga strap: this is a yoga tool that’s light, compact, and easy to use. It can help improve alignment, provide stability, and more.
  • Yoga bolster/cushions/pillows: these can also help make yoga more comfortable and restful.

There you have it! By going through these considerations, you’ll have a beautifully bespoke garden yoga studio. You’ll have a space dedicated to relaxation, exercise, and mindfulness needed to be healthy and happy. All of this can be accomplished in your own garden yoga studio!

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