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Can a Garden Room Be Used for Your Home Beauty Business?

Oct 15, 2020 | Uncategorised | 0 comments

Are you a professional in the beauty business? Do you work from home? Have you considered using a garden room for your business? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, luxe garden rooms are fast becoming a popular option for many beauty professionals who would like the freedom of working from home.

In this article, we’ll take a look at whether or not a garden room is an option for beauty professionals, along with some tips on how to make a garden room a professional place to work.

Are Luxe Garden Rooms Suitable for a Beauty Business?

Renting a salon can be expensive, especially if you’re just starting out. However, a luxe garden room can be an alternative to renting a salon. In fact, many beauty business professionals have begun to consider this very idea.

If you already have a garden room, then the cost of fitting it up as a salon is minimal. And if you don’t already have a garden room, then consider it an investment to have one built. While this may be a good idea for some business professionals, it may not be the best option for everyone. Here are some beauty businesses that would do well working from a garden room.

Nail bar: if you have the kit and tools necessary to be a self-employed nail technician, then working from a garden office could be the right decision for your business. Working from a garden room can work, but you must ensure it has excellent ventilation to keep you and your clients safe.

Hairdresser: as a hairdresser, you’ll need access to water and excellent drainage. A garden room can be fitted out with water and other utilities needed to run your hairdressing salon.

Eyebrow bar: this is another profession that can work well from a luxe garden room. You’d just have to make sure that your garden salon has power for lighting and heating wax.

Makeup artist: a luxe garden room could also be an excellent place for your business. Your garden room would need to be fitted out with excellent lighting and power outlets. Otherwise, it will be the perfect place for your work-from-home business.

Tips to Make Your Garden Room More Professional

We took a look at a some of the options that would be necessary to run a beauty business from home. Now, we’ll take a more in-depth look at ways to make your garden room a professional place for your beauty business.

Choice of Design

You may want to consider a bespoke design if you don’t have a garden room already built. This way, you can have a building that’s completely set up in a way that conforms to your business needs. Whether you run a nail salon or a hairdressing salon, you can benefit from a customized garden room.

If you already have a garden room, then it will need to be renovated to properly accommodate your business. You can furnish the room in a way that creates a relaxing, welcoming atmosphere for clients. It’s possible to have a sound system, TV and more installed, along with the furniture you’ll need.

Cost-Effective Solution

Running your beauty busines from a garden room salon is a more cost-effective solution in the long-term. Consider the cost of rent. For the same amount of money, or less, you can fit out the garden room and enjoy a more comfortable working day.

And consider the expense of travelling back and forth to work, along with a long commute. You can save both money and time by simply “commuting” out to your garden office in only a few seconds!

Create and Build Your Brand

With a room set up exactly as you need it, the garden room will be your very own space. This is a great time to consider creating your own brand. As a self-employed working professional, it’s important to brand your business.

Branding is important because it creates an easy way for clients to remember your business. Not only that, this is the way to show clients and partners what they can expect from your beauty services. Your branding helps define your business, while distinguishing the business from competitors. In other words, the brand is a representation of your business, along with how you’d like you and your business to be perceived.

With a luxe garden room, you have the perfect opportunity to brand your business. If you’re wanting to work with older clients, then you might choose a more traditional décor, colors, and more. On the other hand, if you’d rather work with a younger clientele, then you’ll need to choose décor, branding elements and colors that appeal to the younger crowd. It’s easy to do this when you have your own beauty business in your own luxe garden room!

Provide Privacy for Clients

Another value you can provide your clients is privacy. A garden room salon offers your clients more privacy. Instead of arriving in a public place, they can enjoy the privacy of walking into your garden and into the garden room.

Another way to offer privacy to clients is with the use of frosted windows. This way even the neighbors won’t be able to look into the luxe garden salon and see who you’re working with.

By owning your own luxe garden room, you’ll be able to install the options necessary to ensure your clients’ privacy.

Climate Control

Keeping you and your clients comfortable is also important. With your own luxe garden room salon, you’ll have control over heating and air conditioning. And you won’t have to worry about costly utility bills, as long as the garden room has been insulated. This will help to keep the room comfortable when temperatures are cold, or during the hotter summer months.

You’ll have control to keep the room at a comfortable temperature all year long.

These are all the many benefits of having your own luxe garden room salon, right in your own garden! Enjoy all the benefits of working from home, while providing your clients with the high-quality service they expect.

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